How much?
Your first 10 lessons cost just £15 per hour! Complete your course at the highly competitive price of £20 per hour. With prices this low, why not book a driving lesson in Leeds RIGHT NOW?

How many lessons will I need?
As you can imagine it's very hard to tell but it's also true that within the first half hour we can assess your confidence and previous driving experience. It may well be that you have never been on the road before but even bicycle riding can have given you an insight to road safety.

How long are the driving lessons?
I normally recommend just an hour to start with but we can do this once a day if you want to fast track. As your confidence and skills improve it's often a good idea to go to 90 minutes and as the test approaches then a two hour driving lesson can be a benefit.

When and how do I pay?
Normally you pay the first driving lesson in cash on the day and if you wish to take advantage of the discount terms then cash or a cheque will be acceptable.

What happens if I need to cancel a driving lesson?
I will require 24 hours notice of cancellation otherwise the lesson is chargeable.

I'm nervous and don't want the neighbours to see me start, can you help?
Don't worry; until you say you are ready to drive away from your home, I start the lesson for you. Once we have arrived at a quiet Leeds location we can show you the controls and take things at an easy pace from then on.

Do you allow anyone else in the car?
If it helps we can usually accommodate a friend or partner to observe a driving lesson but this would normally be at a later stage. I do however do "train the trainer sessions" in the Leeds area.

What's a "train the trainer" session?
If you are receiving extra practice with a friend or partner it's essential they are familiar with the latest test standard requirements and I am more than happy to help. This is a free service I offer in Leeds and I strongly recommend any learner who is having extra practice to consider this option.

What car will the lessons be in?
Cooper drive is the name of the school and it's a Mini Cooper Diesel we use for each lesson. In the unlikely event of a breakdown I will have a substitute car of some similarity to the Mini depending on availability, but this should be an extremely rare event.

Do I need insurance?
No, I have insurance which will cover any learner whilst driving my car in Leeds.

How do I know what progress I am making?
At the start of each driving lesson we recap to confirm your track record and set an objective before we begin each new lesson.

How do I know when I am ready for a driving test?
When you have completed the syllabus we move into the final part of your training by staging mock driving tests. This part of your training is taken very seriously and as far as possible simulates an actual test. This is designed to make you familiar with the test process and highlight any areas we need to focus on before the actual test.

Do you provide any support for the theory test?
There are lots of excellent products on the market which we carry examples of and this includes free loan of material and coaching prior to your theory test.

What are the benefits of Pass Plus?
Pass Plus is an option for you to consider when you have passed your practical driving test. This short course is designed to widen your experience and give you an opportunity to gain experience on motorways and fast duel carriageways and also other driving conditions around the Leeds area which are not always covered in your initial training.

In recognition that this course provides essential extra skills, some insurance companies offer substantial discounts to the Pass Plus certificate holder.

What experience will I gain from the Pass Plus course?
The course is split into modules to include:
a) An introduction to Pass Plus and town driving.
b) All weather driving.
c) Out of town driving and rural roads.
d) Night driving.
e) Dual carriageway driving.
f) Motorway Driving.

How do I book?
That's easy! Click on Contact Us and send me an e-mail or just pick up the phone.

If there is something else you wish to discuss or you want to make a start I am looking forward to meeting with you very soon.
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Learner Driving: We offer beginner to pass standard driving lessons in Leeds. This includes dual carriageway and high speed driving lessons.

We also offer short intensive driving lessons for test candidates who need that extra confidence and skills to ensure they have the best possible chance of passing their driving test.

Pass Plus is for the qualified driver and this course is intended to advance your skills and experience to include motorway driving and other road conditions not normally covered for the practical driving test.

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